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May 25, 2011



Indieboys Busted by Marc ReardonBack cover of Indie Boyz Busted

It’s Indieboyz time again in Busted! The horniest slim young emos, sexy skaters and hung punks are back with another installment of horny fucking and sucking, indie style. With plenty of fresh young twinks just gagging for a hard cock in their arse, and no shortage of energetic tops to give it to them, this is one of the hottest Indieboyz yet, packed full of boys that you’ll be hard over for days.

In this scene, indie lads Jesse Magowan and Noah James — and their straining cocks and gorgeously smooth, round asses — fuck and bust each other good! Watch these fit, eager lads experiment with each other, from sucking balls and licking cum:

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July 30, 2010


L.A. Emo Rocker Dude

Jake Strong on Alternadudes

Emo rocker dude, Jake Strong, has it all! He’s covered in tats and piercings, plays in a rock band, and has long black hair to complete his emo/rocker look. He’s super thin and has a giant monster cock that would make anyone happy to see! He’s straight, so he brought along his favorite girlie mag to get the show started before he whips out his giant, curved snake and apple-sized balls and jacks himself to ecstasy!

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June 11, 2010


Jake Adams and Toby Trimmer

Cherry Punks Jake Adams and Toby Trimmer

If Cherry Punks turn you on, you’ll love Jake Adams & Toby Trimmer!

In this scene, the two lean punks hook up. Submissive Toby immediately falls to his knees and begins sucking the Jake’s big cock. He’s really just warming the boy up to get a crack at his tight twink hole. The boys 69 for a bit, then Jake gets his wish as the smaller Toby lays down on his back and serves up his ass for the taking. Jake really gives it to Toby, slamming his huge cock up the twink’s ass hard and fast. Next he bends Toby over doggie style and fucks him again. Finally Jake pulls out his cock and shoots his load all over the punk twink’s ass!

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May 19, 2010


Indieboys 3: Twisted

IndieBoyz 3 Twisted from EurocremeRear cover of IndieBoyz 3 DVD.

Horny young Indie Boyz can’t wait to show off their big thick dicks and tattooed slim, smooth bodies to their mates! Devouring each others dicks, making them slick with saliva, all in preparation for hard ass splitting fucking. Stretching their holes wide open, the hungry butts take as much meat into them as ever. Stripping off their skinny jeans, these boyz are here to show just how sex crazed they really are.

Horse hung Steven Prior shows off his mighty bit of meat, slowly peeling off his tight jeans and top to expose his bulging boxers, his massive dick at full hardness. Teasing us by massaging his thick shaft thru the fabric, he soon shows us what we’re dying to see. Looking even huger than before, his dick is pumped, stroked and lubricated, turning himself on, he builds himself to an explosive orgasm, letting us see his thick load spurt out and slide down the never ending cock.

Fresh faced young Shane is amazingly hot, teaming up with super sexy Johan, direct from Czech fame. Tattooed Shane is a real beauty with dark hair and smooth skin, pierced ears, nipples and naval, he’s a real indie kid who’s out to score. Devouring each others big dicks, they slide their hot wet lips down the shaft, letting as much meat get pumped into their mouths as possible. Taking a rare passive role, Johan’s butt is duly licked and lubed up, loosened by our new hottie’s fingers before he slides down on to the thick cock, allowing Shane to pump deeper into the muscled star, getting his hole stretched wider by this delicious British dick. Using his meat to tease the horny Czech, Shane shallow fucks before slamming it all the way inside getting Johan to feel everything penetrate him deeper.

Dark haired Scott and red haired Justin take back cute young Andy to their place and show him just how horny this indie couple can get! Covered in colorful tattoos, Scott is a real sexy young fucker, seeing his delicious dick get shared by the other two lads. Spit roasting Andy, Scott and Justin ram him full of hot dick, and he loves it! Scott fucks Andy’s face while Justin is concentrating on his tight peach butt. Hearing him moan in pleasure whilst having a mouthful of meat turns you on even more, knowing his sexy body is being pumped full of dick! Having all three loads dumped onto his body, Andy shows himself to be the kind of cum whore we love to see!

Buff Max fucks pale young Jason hard and fast! Using his arse completely for his pleasure, smooth Max ploughs his mate deep, flexing his defined abs with each thrust forward, Jason pushes back, wanting more and more hot cock inside him from his buff mate. Keeping Jason’s legs akimbo, Max makes sure his hole is always open for getting a hard pounding.

Deano and Matt lay back and enjoy each others smooth bodies and rock hard dicks. Deano’s super thick dick looks fantastic as he stands over Matt and fucks his face, making his buddy horny as hell. Diving into his ass, Matt gets it ready to be stretched wide, first by fingers and then his solid meat sliding in from underneath as Deano rides it like a cowboy. Letting out deep moans as Matt grinds deeper, his ass is hungry for more and pushes down, bouncing hard as he feels each inch inside him.

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May 7, 2010


Kaden, Shane, and Tristan

Indie Boys Threeway with Kaden Shane and Tristan.

Three hot indie boys — Kaden Bailey, Shane Stone, and Tristan Dean — mix it up in this hardcore gay porn video from Club Eurocreme!

Have you and a friend ever ganged up on another guy in a three-way? Maybe you made him strip naked and lay between you as you both play with him. Maybe it’s his first three way and you eased him into it, or maybe you were just fucking with him. In this scene two boys do just that, playing with a third boy they trap in the middle. They kiss him, stroke him, suck him and tease his hole. Eventually their clothes come off as well. First they get the boy horny, then they start to use him, feeding him both of their cocks at the same time. Next they bend him over and fuck him. At one point they even double penetrate him, making him take both cocks at once. You can see both dicks prying open the boy’s hole. They work this kid over without mercy, finally filling his face with cum. Obviously he was hungry…

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April 26, 2010


Losing My Cherry

Cherry Punks DVD Losing My Cherryrear cover of Losing My Cherry by Eurocreme Cherry Punks

From solo dildo play, ass stretching around a thick butt plug, to hard double penetration and cucumber fucking, these boys know exactly how to lose their cherry, and enjoy every spunk-fueled second of it. Cum covered faces and drenched bodies will leave you aching and ready for more close-up ass action from these stunning, smooth twinks!

Super smooth boy Leo gives us a real show as he sits back and gets hornier and hornier until he can’t help but slowly strip off, exposing his tasty young body. His thick dick gets played with, getting slowly harder as he teases his smooth hole with his fingers. Not enough for this twink, Leo reaches over and grabs a graduated butt plug, no lube, no spit, he pushes it in, the close-up shot we get as each bump goes in and out, opening his hole is totally spell-binding, you’ll want to reach down and shove your dick inside him immediately! The thick dildo which comes next sends our lad overboard, really opening his butt hole, his dumps his well worked load over his heaving abs.

Making a salad has never been so sexy! The dark haired boys get turned on by the sight of the long thick shaft of the cucumber, and cock crazy Kaden with stunning Danny get hard at it on the kitchen counter! Danny’s delicious dick puts the cucumber to shame, but nothing is wasted in this scene! Kaden lovingly tastes every inch of his friend’s meat, his slightly hairy chest and handsome face creating a perfect package! Kaden’s own impressive dick gets a tongue service next, Danny’s horny eyes looking up as he takes as much past his sweet lips as possible. Reaching round for the salad, Danny grabs the cucumber and slowly teases it into Kaden’s waiting and very willing hole, pushing it further and further as it disappears up his ass! Remaining throbbing hard throughout, Danny can’t hold back and slams into Kaden, pounding the used hole hard on the kitchen floor. Watching his lubed up shaft slide in and out, Kaden moans hard as every inch is rammed into his begging butt.

With skinny twink Evan and cute favorite Tristan Dean, the results is a scorching sex scene, where they go slow and feel every inch, taste every part and enjoy every second of it. Working his stiff cock into the bottom boy, pinning him against the wall as he does, Evan uses his height to really work into Tristan, letting him push back, getting that extra bit deeper! Finishing off with a mutual jerk-off, there’s a bit of everything in this, including streams of thick spunk!

Kaden is back, and this time with beautiful Shane Stone and new skinny boy Tristan Blake. Shane’s looking great, one of the tastiest dicks around, than hung Tristan is slim, pale and chiseled! Having the first go on Kaden, Shane gets his ass opened up while Tristan’s dick gets a throat workout. Shane’s abs flexes and tightens with each thrust, working harder each time. Hungry for more, he jumps on top of Tristan, getting his ass opened more by Shane coming from behind and pushing his dick in a the same time! Stretched so far around two hung twinks, Kaden is having the fucking of a lifetime, the moans say it all! Spunking over his face, Kaden gets both loads, Shane totally blasting over him as Tristan splatters it right down his throat, leaving him drenched!

Jake teams up with young twinky Toby, forcing him to take his huge dick over and over in hard poundings, pulling his legs apart, opening up the butt hole and slamming right deep down. Getting sweaty with all the thrusting, Jake really goes for it, making Toby yelp as his long dick goes places never before touched. Flipping him over, Jake gets full access, diving in even further, taking his dick almost all the way out then pushing back in, over and over, letting Toby feel everything as they both build to an explosive spunk frenzy.

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April 6, 2010


IndieBoyz 2

IndieBoyz 2 from EurocremePreview photos from Indie Boys 2

Indie Boyz is back and ready to give you bigger cocks, gallons more cum and the fittest young rockers from across Britain. Featuring huge eleven inch Matt and super shooter Alex, watch him spunk into his own mouth, tasting his and his mate’s juice all in one! Fit young fuckers showing us the moves they make whilst plowing each others ass and fucking their cute faces.

Hung young fucker Titch is back for deeper ass pounding, this time with tanned blondie Toby. Tasting each others throbbing dicks, devouring the huge pieces of meat, making them slick with spit, they get themselves super horny and dying to fuck! Horse hung Titch doesn’t let Toby down as he presses his cock against his hole and slowly pushes, letting his sexy mate feel every inch slide deeper into his hole, stretching it around his thick dick as it’s thrust forward, keeping Toby continually on the edge of orgasm. Titch is looking great with his pale skin and Mohican hairstyle, so watching him pummel his friends butt whilst his knob twitches is amazing. With all these position changes, that butt hole gets well and truly used, awesome angles let us watch it in every detail, get ready for your balls to be emptied at the sight of Titch shooting!

Cute new faces in awesome action – long haired Jason, with a smooth chest and hairy legs catches up with stunning Cameron Ross, one of the most handsome faces, dark hair and slightly hairy chest, these horny lads can’t wait to strip naked and feel each others bodies against their own. Both feeding off each others rock hard cocks, these young indie faces are well and truly fucked solid before Cameron can’t take anymore and gets Jason’s hole dripping with spit before slipping his dick up to the hilt into his mate. Jason rides Cameron like a stallion, bouncing on his cock as Cameron thrusts it up, getting every last inch into Jason, filling him up with pure meat. This isn’t where it ends though, Jason gets his own back but giving Cameron a hard fucking as well, both loving the feeling of cock in ass.

Matt Hughes and his stunning cock returns and this time Ashley Ryder has the honor of getting filled up like never before by pure cock! Matt’s gorgeous straight lad looks, slim body and hairy chest, giving way to his unbelievably huge dick, is every man’s dream fuck. Deep throating this monstrous cock, Ashley shows off all he’s learnt, making sure this hung hottie is left well and truly satisfied. Mercilessly pushing his dick into his bottom buddy, Matt is here to get off, and Ashley’s butt makes the perfect place to do it, ramming his mighty meat all the way inside, you’ll be shooting before you know it.

Blonde boy Alex steals the show by shooting his hot spunk directly into his own mouth! Tasting his own juices after baby faced Matt works him up to orgasm. This dark haired cutie is a real passive boy and can’t wait until smooth tattooed stud Alex is working his thick meat deep into his mate, slowly getting deeper and deeper, making Matt writhe in pleasure as his butt is gently fucked, getting harder and harder, the more turned on each other get. Sliding from tip to hilt, Alex is a great ducker who knows just what he’s doing and keeps both of them rock solid throughout! Don’t miss his cumshot, it’s unbelievably horny.

Defined, horny young lads get rock solid and enjoy hard ass pounding action. Will Jamieson makes a welcome return and joins new face Hayden in a hot fuckfest. Both dark haired guys have horny smooth bodies and delicious legs, not forgetting throbbing cocks, hard in anticipations for the action they are about to get. Hayden’s a real horny guy, licking and sucking Will’s great cock while jerking himself off, getting more and more turned on as it goes. Will quickly gets Hayden into position and pounds his solid cock straight into his mate as he’s sitting over him, letting Will do what he wants, thrusting away like a boy possessed, Hayden quickly responds by pushing back, loving every second that Will is inside him.

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March 31, 2010


Deano Starr and Matt Attack

Indie Boyz Matt Attack and Deano Starr fucking on Club EuroCreme.

Indie boys are the hottest… the skinny jeans, the floppy hair, the not-quite-punk good looks!

Adorable lean hotties Deano Starr and Matt Attack start the scene off heading home for some hot twink fucking. As soon as they get back to their pad the two begin making out and peeling off their clothes. Who knew behind those brightly colored underwear these two were packing some MAJOR heat. They take turns sucking on each other’s huge cocks. Deano’s is especially large and he’s not shy about shoving Matt’s head down onto it until he chokes. But what Deano really wants is a dick in his ass so he lies down in bed as Matt works his hot hole with his finger.

Once his ass is loosened up, Deano sits down on Matt’s cock, moaning as he furiously rides it up and down. Then he bends over so Matt can slam him from behind for a good while before flipping onto his back so the two can finish things up missionary style. Matt pounds Deano’s ass until Deano shoots a nice thick load all over his stomach. Matt pulls out immediately after and shoots his own load directly into Deano’s eagerly awaiting open mouth!

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March 29, 2010


Buff and Twisted

Shane Stone and Johan Volny in Buff and Twisted.

Sometimes you don’t need a backstory. Sometimes it’s just perfect watching two hot buff and twisted twinks going at it!

Club Eurocreme‘s Johan Volny and Shane Stone start out in an intense make out session which quickly progresses to Johan diving down to suck on Shane Stone’s surprisingly big dick (it’s always the lean guys who are packing). It looks like Johan could spend all day working on that cock but Shane decides he wants some dick in his mouth too so he goes down on Johan’s beautiful cock, licking the shaft from top to bottom. The two go on exchanging oral attention until Johan spreads his legs open wide so Shane can eat out his sweet little hole.

Shane starts off fingering Johan’s hot ass to get it ready and then Johan sits down on Shane’s massive cock, taking in every inch of it. Then Johan flips over onto his back so Shane can drill him missionary style. As Shane picks up speed he hits that sweet spot inside Johan and before you know it Johan and shooting his wad all over his tight six pack abs. Shane pulls out right after and dumps a huge load of his own all over Johan’s!

Watch a streaming video trailer of Shane and Johan »

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March 24, 2010



Indieboyz by EurocremeRear cover of Indieboyz by Eurocreme

Cute short haired Damien gets this film off to a rocking start. Teasing us with his toned smooth body in the shower and his sexy French voice telling us what turns him on, we see him dry and dress, looking like a real indie boy, fucking sexy! Putting on his favorite track, he’s soon tapping away to the music getting harder and harder until he just has to play with his rock solid cock. It’s one of the best looking cocks seen, perfect size and shape, and when he shoots, you wish your mouth was there to lap it up.

This scene has it all, smooth boys, hot butt fucking and most important of all, massive cock. Slim Steven has one of the biggest cocks going and baby faced Anthony has the pleasure of feeling it ram all the way inside him! There’s great shots of it sliding deep into his ass, we can almost hear his hole scream at the enormity of it. Both boys love fucking each other so much they swap over and both feel the great feeling of cock in arse before tasting hot spunk fresh from their quivering dicks.

Jake and Dom give us one of the hottest scenes in the movie! Young Jake Hamilton is a smooth tattooed indie kid with a mouth like a Hoover and a cock hungry arse. Dom is a dark haired cutie who can fuck for Britain, drilling his cock into Jake in great positions that is sure to leave you breathless, and the amount of spunk they produce is enough to reduce drought worldwide The two lads are really into each other and this comes across perfectly, you’ll be playing this scene again and again that’s for sure.

Ass rimming and close up butt pounding, indie boys certainly know how to have fun. Dark haired Rowan takes charge of funky pink haired, smooth Juke and are soon at it like the horny young men they are! Juke takes everything he’s given, and Rowan just loves to be the one who piles it into him. With more position changes and tattooed bodies, you’ll soon be rock hard again.

After a heavy night drinking, these four boys wake up with the reliable morning hard-on and decide to make the best possible use out of them. The stars of previous scenes are back for more, including new face Alex Haylewood with his great hair and fit body. The two duos soon turn into a great four-way, swapping over and making the most of everyone’s smooth firm bodies. Anthony Thomas makes a lucky centre stage for the other three before splitting off and letting the fuckfest begin. Damien’s tight hole gets rammed by Alex whilst Anthony gets filled by Rowan, the moans and groans from all four will make you shoot by itself, let alone the hard thrusting going on in full view!

Watch or download the full-length Indie Boyz DVD »

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